Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015

Hello my name is Valerie

Like you probably see from the Headline this is a short introduction. I want to tell you a bit about me before I start writing other posts.
I won`t tell you my age because that might distract you but some other things about me. I go to school still and so I might be having no time to write as much as I want to. I was born in Russian and live now in Germany.
I speak German, Russian, English and I am learning Spanish at the moment. I have far to many hobbies to name them here but I will tell you some of them: I love singing and playing the Cello. Cooking and baking are great activities for me to relax as well as reading. Continuing with the aspect of reading, I have a Youtube channel where I talk about books (in German) and I write a blog about books(also in German) with a dear friend.
You will have a new Blogpost every Saturday morning until 11.30 am ;)
If you have questions about me as person then feel free to comment and I will try to reply.

Der Valerie