Samstag, 8. August 2015

Madeira - Holiday experience

Hello everyone
I should have posted another two blogposts the week before and two weeks earlyier too, but I was busy with organising my room and planning everything before school starts. Where I live school starts pretty early so I had much stuff to do before that. But lets get back into the topic and not all my excuses.
I went to Madeira almost two weeks ago (23.07 - 30.07) and really did enjoy my trip. The weather was nice but sometimes also a bit too hot so I decided to spent my days most likely in the pool. I got a crazy suntan even tough I was in the pool most of the time. On two days me and my mom went out of our hotel and one day we went into the city and did way to much shopping but also visited the Botanical garden and the House of Orchids(I wouldn`t recommed going there if your hotel is really nice(;). The Botanical Garden was big and confusing and it all seemed so untended... The House of Orchids was nice but really small. We paid 5 Euro to be there for maximum 20 Minutes and went out and bought some Orchids. Both of these gardens are not nessesarily the go to expirience but you can anctually take good Pictures in the Orchid House. Like I said the weather was quite nice but I am not the one who loves hot places and prefers the cold ;) So it was too hot for me....The next day we went to a boat which was built like the ship Columbus saild to Amerika with. The boat trip was amazing. I have to say that there are two rides: one in the late morning and one in the late afternoon. The one in the late moning was nice for me because it wasn`t too hot. But when we started to sail back to the Harbour I felt, that it got hotter and hotter on the boat so that is the bad thing about the late evening tour:the hot temperatur. BUT there is one pretty special thing about the evening tour that isn`t most likely to happen in the morning: seeing turtles and some dolphins. If you somehow strangely decide to go to Madeira you have to visit the Santa Maria de Colombo . It`s a nice option to just laying at or in the Pool and the boat stops and you can actually swim in the water:)
Another thing you could actually to is take the cable car. I liked it because the vegetation was huge but it was so untended ... all the houses there too. It was sad seeing this beautiful place looking so bad. But what can I do .....
Going on to the hotel: The Hotel we stayed in was nice it was near the Ozean and when you stayed in the pool you were able to see the Ozean too which was amzing. All the People and the waiters were really nice and extremly friendly. The rooms looked nice and especially our room which had a balcony that was huge and from there you were able to see the Ozean. It was pretty cool there;)
But there actually is one thing I didn`t like: Food. I might seem picky right now but I am just vegetarian and this was not fun... I do eat fish but no meat and the fish didn`t look good on most of the days and even if it did I didn`t know what this actually was, because they didn`t put up a card you could rely on(there were cards but when they change the food the cards stayed the same and I was not able to rely on those cards)..You can maybe imagine how much fun it was eating only rize and Pasta. One day they had a big grill outside and you could go there and take how much meat you ever want. On that day the fish was looking not that good either and I had no other option than to eat pure Rice (there wasn`t even any Sauce with it). At that piont I asked myself: We are here on an Island somewhere in the Ozean. How difficult could it be to put some frish fish on the grill? Do you now understand my point?....One could hope for more when it`s a five star rated hotel.
I talked way to much about the food ...I did like the hotel itself and could all in all enjoy the hotel and our stayin Madeira :)
The hotels Name was "Melia Madeira Mare" for those who are wondering:)
Have a nice week and lots of love
Valerie ;)