Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015


Travelling is something I think every heart desires. It's something that I love and try to do as much as possible. I know for most people travelling can be challenging,whether it's because of your job, family or pets etc but especially then people tend to get really excited for their holidays. There is something really relaxing just thinking about going on holiday. Holiday is always us imaging a sandy beach with warm weather and blue water when in fact only some holidays look like this.
Just to be clear I want to talk about holiday travelling and just some feelings I have and some tricks I learned over the years. So enjoy ;)

Me growing up I always was and still am a really lucky girl to be able to travel to so many different places and visit so much different countries. Some of my friends don't get this oppertunity that often so I was always greatful to expirence so much .
Travelling tough can also be challenging when you cannot plan everything and can sometimes be stressfull. One thing I realized looking back on old memories I can tell is to let loose and sometimes just expirience a city. You will never know what comes next and there are only a very few things you will regret doing. Enjoy. Holidays should be fun and I hope there is no one out there stressing out on every single holiday because this is the time you want to take off. Holidays are times to relax and get a free mind, breath and let go of your daily working routine.
 One of the main "problems" are phones and laptops etc. I love being on the internet and social media and I am not the only one. If you want to get some really good relaxed time then you should either turn out all your electronic devices or (this is actually my favourite option) go for a long swim or hike. These are the things which are good for your mind, body and soul. You could take your phone on a hike but why should you ?
The thing with swimming is quite obvious if you have a regular Iphone or something else not waterproof ...
I will actually be on holiday in Austria right when I'll upload this post and will go swimming in the hotel pool and go hiking and get some time off. I might be able to share some pictures with you because going on a hike your phone is not really necessary but cameras are always a nice option to just take beautiful pictures.

Hope you enjoyed and for the next time I want to include some pictures into my posts so you can all visualize a bit what I have in mind whilst writing.